Placing the order: 

  • Select payment option as 'Cash Deposit' during upgrade
  • On the next page, you will find details on how to make the payment
  • Note the Bank Account Name, Account No. and Order ID, which you need to fill in the cash deposit slip at ICICI Bank
  • You can also print the deposit slip from the same page and use it as a deposit slip

Making the payment:
  • Visit any nearest ICICI Bank branch
  • Fill in the Cash Deposit slip available at the bank counter or take a print out of the deposit slip we provide
  • Fill in the Bank Account Name, Account No. and Order ID (in place of Dealer Code), Amount
  • Hand over the cash and cash deposit slip at the cash counter of the bank
  • The cash collector may ask for the Dealer Code, which is nothing but the Order ID
  • The unique code (order ID) which you provide at the time of deposit helps us track your payment. 

Once we receive your payment, we will activate the upgraded membership within 6-24 hours (working day).