Tips for sending personalized messages:
What not to do: 

  • Speak proper English, save the short forms and spelling errors for smses.
  • If you have written not more than 4 words, as in “wanna chat?” then this will surely go unanswered.
  • Did you use CAPS while drafting your message, as in "HEY! HOW ARE YOU? I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU". This can hurt the eyes and will sound as if you're screaming at them.
  • Did you check grammar and spelling, as in the phrase “think ur hawt” or the very popular “can I make friendship with you” because this will surely be deleted.
  • Don’t base your message solely on the pictures; good lighting and makeup do wonders for people
  • Did you actually read the “about me” section? Although a message based on looks is definitely ego boosting, a message with solid substance is more appreciated.

What you can do and will look pleasant:

  • Start off your message with a greeting – “hey” usually works very well.
  • Share why you are writing to them - " I was looking out to make some new friends as I am new here. Would be interested to know more about you!"
  • Tell them more about yourself - "I am a big time foodie. I love watching movies and I am a gaming freak! lol!
  • Consider asking a question - “I see that you’re interested in music, what is your favorite genre / music?”
  • Follow up the question with your response – “My favourite musician is A.R. Rehman, and I loved his work in Slumdog Millionaire!”
  • (optional - if you are comfortable) Share your contact details - "I'm available on 99XXXXXXXX. You can buzz me here. Else, I am also online at"
  • Ensure there is a call to action, so the member reading your message know what to do next - "Why don't you share your email address or something so we can chat sometime or meetup. It will be great to connect with you!"
  • End the message on a positive note – “cheers!” or “take care!”