To get responses to your profile, you have to be proactive in contacting members. Some basic steps which help in boosting response

Complete your profile: 

  • Ensuring your profile is complete so it looks attractive
  • Add a photo to your profile so your profile stands out from the crowd

Send Waves proactively:
  • If you are a free member, send min. 20 Waves a: day and contact members. 

Send Personalized Messages to prospective members:
  • If you are a premium member, we recommend sending personalized messages, which by far give more responses than Waves. 
  • When sending personalized messages, ensure to draft a neat message with a call to action which helps the receiving member to respond specifically.

Activity Score:
  • Ensure your activity score is above 80%
  • Login regularly and send messages pertinently to ensure getting max. responses. 

All the above parameters are vital to getting good responses.